I know of a better investing strategy than Wall Street offers you! 

I have over 14 years of real estate investing.  I am also a professional Civil Engineer with over 20 years of experience.  I am looking for partners to transform apartment communities with me and receive above average returns on your investment dollars. 

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I am proud of my 14 years of experience as an independent investor. I have successfully acquired, remodeled, and managed multi-million projects including single-family homes and apartment projects.



My education includes; attending the Real Estate Guys Syndication Conference in June 2016, Brad Sumrok's Personal Mentoring program since May 2016, Mr Landlords workshop in October 2003. I have been a member of REAPS (Real Estate Association of Puget Sound) since March 2003 and a Member of RHAPS (Rental House Association of Puget Sound) from November 2004 - May 2015). Now I hire out managers. I self managed for 11 years, which was great experience, now I manage the business.



I received my Competent Communicator certificate from Toastmasters International and was President and Sergeant at Arms for the Gone Wilde Chapter of Toastmasters International in Kirkland, WA



Work and life balance is the recipe of true happiness. I have successfully juggled my 2 kids, skiing, hiking, sub-contractors, lenders, engineers, and county inspectors.

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We will meet for coffee or lunch (or at an investment club) in person and develop a substantiative personal relation before any deal will be presented to a new investor. I want to know if we are a good fit to invest together.  



Let's get to know each other, partner. Clients will need to have some investing experience and will need to fill out a questionnaire prior to receiving private placement memorandums (PPM) for new apartment deals. 



Clients need to review the Private Placement Memorandums (PPM) and make commitment of minimum required funds.  After that, investors will typically receive quarterly deposits in the bank account of their choice.

Patrick’s best asset other than his project management experience from his W2 job and real estate investing track record is his holistic view to investing which I echo… ‘It’s not about Cashflow… its about the relationships and the fun of doing value add projects together!’
— Lane Kawaoka, Investor, Simple Passive Cashflow

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